The lack of progressive development of Indian society and its members is been spreading like the plague for many years. Food insecurity is one of the major factors as well as the products of an underdeveloped nation. This shortage has now capsized the learning dreams and aspirations of the Indian children and no matter what age they all belong to. As per the recent researches through UN agencies, India has been the leading country under the aspect of undernutrition and food insecurity. Moreover, its unsustainability to a healthy life as well as the development of young and the adults has been a major concern for the country.

A link between the learning and food insecurity has been truly identified by the research departments. The lack of sufficient food for a healthy life has affected learning or cognitive development. The people who suffer from this insecurity tend to maintain a distance from education in a way that they let their children stay uneducated, as they are too weak to afford the basic educational expenses. That saving is thus used up to cater to food and survival related demands and this somehow provides them with only the continuity factors. The most important concern that comes up is whether early life experiences regarding food security affects the after learning process. And if it is a long term or a short term concept for people belonging to any age.

The major subjects English, maths and local vocabulary too are affected by food insecurity. Mathematical learning is better than most of the other subjects when it comes to the situation of food insecurity. The negative and a strong link with food insecurity proves the above statement. At school level also maths is a stepwise learning process and learning every equation at the initial stage is quite next to impossible. Same way in real life mathematical learning is all based upon the past or the previous level. At a basic level, it means that if a child finds the addition of numbers a real struggle due to unavailability to food, solving of complex mathematics will be a dream to achieve in the entire life.

The foundation or local vocabulary learning is a much easier aspect to discuss due to food insecurity or unavailability of food. The foundation skills once developed with full concentration and quality time, it may be caught up again after a break and it is meant for both short as well as long term. English though considered as a language yet it doesn’t get affected by the food insecurity as much as compared to other aspects. The English language can be linked to poor learning results. Though it doesn’t have a major role in the early phase of life the later phase of life or curriculum is based all upon the linguistic ability.

So it clear that early life experience is a major factor to demonstrate the effect of food insecurity. This problem can be addressed with ease if proper learning classes are organized with sufficient availability of funds. Social protection is also achieved with such remedial measures. Once there is adequate availability of food, every child would properly concentrate on his or her learning process.