Invertia 2019, the annual college fest of Invertis University, Bareilly, recently concluded with the students, faculty and its distinguished guests experiencing an atmosphere of energy and euphoria. Invertia 2019 took place on the 22nd and the 23rd February 2019 with students getting enthralled with a wide array of extracurricular activities. The theme for this year’s festivities was ‘Atrangi’, which quite literally means, a multitude of colours.


Invertis University invited students from across the academic fraternity to participate in this 2-day extravaganza. The annual fest covered a multitude of activities and events ranging from management games, solo and group singing and dance competition, Mehndi and Rangoli competition, quizzes and many other educational and cultural events and competitions. But unlike other college fests, Invertia 2019 was not limited to educational and cultural events only. With a vision to excite its audience, Invertis University created an ambience of fun and innovation and hosted an array of challenges, some of which were unheard of.


Let’s start with the PUBG competition. Player’s Unknown Battle Ground, popularly known as PUBG, is smartphone sensation these days. Students and adults spend hours playing this game. Being the forerunner in the educational space, Invertis University recognised the changing times and held one of India’s first PUBG competition with the winners of the contest standing a chance to earn a cash prize.


With inspiration coming from movies like ‘Student Of The Year’, Invertis University piqued the student interest further by launching the ‘Student of the Year’ challenge. The competition involved students participating in a treasure hunt, performing a specific task and then also multi-tasking other technical challenges. This competition aimed at encouraging the spirit of healthy competition as well as laud the players who stood out in with their skills.


The next unique event held during Invertia 2019 addressed a serious issue of ‘brain-drain’. Invertis University truly understands the value of talent and wanted to give a platform to the next generation of engineers and innovators to showcase their skills. Invertis University wanted to leverage this competition as an opportunity to encourage budding talent on their campus and hone their technical skills. The competition invited brilliant students within the country with the XLR8: RoboRace event. The XLR8: RoboRace is a simple challenge; participants have to design a robot and race it over a predesigned tracked within a stipulated time. As per event rules, the robot needs to complete a certain number of tasks without leaving a track. Sounds fun, right?


The Open Mic Competition also made its way to Invertia 2019, wherein participants were given 5 minutes to perform on a topic or song of their choice. The participants could perform a poem or a stand-up comedy skit or even rap inspired by ‘Gully Boy‘.


Moving Next to ‘Meme Lord‘, the event offered the students a chance to unveil their hidden talents and create their memes using the template provided by the organisers. This competition was a great way to engage with the generation of ‘Millennials’. Given how popular memes, GIF’s and emoticons are with them.


Moving down to the sporting end of Invertia 2019, the annual fest saw for the first time a mixed cricket match being organised by an academic institution. India is a cricket crazy nation which is also coming up in other sporting events as well. The Mixed Cricket is an inter-gender cricket tournament. Once again, the first of its kind, it had a 5-person team comprising of three girls and two boys.

The other sporting events during Invertia 2019 included the Ring Toss, 7 Up-7 Down, Tug of War Competition and Basket the Dunkzilla. Basket the Dunkzilla, another innovative competition, is a slam-dunk competition allowing students to showcase the basketball skills.

The next set of events, organised by the Management Club at the Invertis University included some fun and innovative games like The Devil Follows, Practico Hula Hoop, Classic Water Balloon Toss and the Barter Puzzle. While these games might not find a mention in any management books or case study, the only way to win these were by showcasing analytical thinking, teamwork and leadership, which are some essential management concepts, aren’t they?


And to conclude the success of Invertia 2019, there were a series of musical events lined up like Band War, Mr and Miss Invertia and the Star Night. The Battle of the Band, as the name suggests is a competition/concert between the bands. What can be better than having a talented band setting the stage on fire with a wide array of songs, ranging from classical Indian music, rock and metal, freestyle hip-hop.


And how can Invertia 2019 be complete without Mr and Miss Invertia? A competition for the students to showcase their all-around skills and personality in front of their peers from Invertis University and all other participating educational institution. Winning the Mr and Miss Invertia is worth some bragging rights for the student for the next few years of their college life.



Invertia 2019 ended with the Star Night, a fun-filled event wherein Bollywood celebrities entertain the students, their parents and the distinguished guests. This year’s ‘Star Night’ at Invertia 2019 was adorned by the presence of the celebrated music duo The Meet Brothers’. They belted one hit after another and got the audiences swaying to their music. Their energy filled performance was the highlight of Invertia 2019 and made the fest a success.


Invertis University is established in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh and is among the top private universities in India. Invertis University has over 6000 students enrolled across 10 different institutes. The Invertis University Under Graduate, Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral programmes in Management, Engineering, Computer Applications, Architecture, Commerce, Law, Applied Science, Pharmacy, Mass Communication, Journalism, Fashion Design, Education and Agriculture along with Diploma courses in Engineering and Pharmacy.