Bolo in Hindi means to speak. Google launched an app called Bolo in its Beta version this Wednesday for the native Hindi users that are the Indians. Google would increase the number of languages after the successful execution of the Beta version in India.

The Vice President said and the plan was executed by Sundar Pichai, CEO, and Google.  the app’s beta version this Wednesday. A great personality comes when one is confident. Confidence comes from the inner part of the body. Learning a language as it is someone’s mother tongue is one of the ways one can achieve the confidence to some extent. Being an Indian, Google’s CEO took a great towards Indian society. The Bolo app would provide a great improvement in Indian people in terms of vocal ability as well as in reading ability.

The Vice President Mr Venkaiah Naidu at convocation on 22nd October 2018 said: “One might learn as many languages as one can, but should never forget his/her mother tongue.” Hindi is the mother tongue of Sundar Pichai, he turned the statement true. Wednesday, 6th of March Google launched an app called Bolo which works on speech recognition text-to-speech conversion technology. Bolo app makes the kids of primary section learn Hindi as easily as they could have thought of.

The Project Manager, Google India made his words by saying the app is running too good as now. Currently, the app is being run over 200 villages. The reading capabilities of the kids have increased so far as the company had thought of. The app has tied up with Storyweaver, which provides the reading material for the kids. The reading aids and the study material are provided free of cost to the future of the country, the kids.

Every individual could speak but cannot fluently. Bolo helps the kids learn how to speak as well as to speak fluently. Remember being a kid, when one could have spelt the word correctly but couldn’t pronounce easily. Bolo also works on the technology, which converts text into speech. That makes it easier for a kid to spell the word correctly and Bolo will help the users to make them pronounce it correctly in Hindi.

Being in a tech world, all are aware of the virtual assistant. Be it Siri from the Apple or be it Cortana of the Windows. Talking about the virtual assistant and not talking about the Google Assistant. Every kid of the decade knows about, “Ok Google”. Bolo app is also furnished with the same kind of intelligence. A virtual tutor assistant and teaches the kids about the language. Diya helps the kids learn better from the app.

Learn better and be better, could be the motive of the app. Beta version has come up to the expectation of the company. One can download the app, Bolo from Google Play Store. The app is available for Android users for now. A person having a version of Android Kit-Kat (4.4) and more could access the app, Bolo. Become a devoted speaker of any language using the app Bolo after the launch of its updates.