If you are an aspiring content writer in India, one thing is for sure – you are definitely not alone! A recent trend analysis conducted by global marketing analytics giant SEMrush and SaaS revealed flabbergasting results. Amongst all the varied professions listed under the domain of ‘Digital Marketing’, “content writer” is the job most searched by the Indian youth. Surprised? Don’t be! We will tell you exactly why the popularity of this job profile has grown over the years.

Digital Marketing is that stream of Marketing that aims to promote a product or service in the digital domain. There are numerous ways and techniques involved in doing that. Starting from e-mail marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization to social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising and online PR– all come under digital marketing and require different skill sets. But out of all these professions, content marketing and writing seems to be the most popular among Indians.

Digital Content Specialists:The Most Searched Career Option Among Indians The analysis was made based on most searched digital marketing jobs in different countries. Out of all these different jobs, India’s search share for content related jobs was a whopping 73.87%. It was observed that Indians typed keywords like ‘Content strategy’, ‘Content marketing’, ‘the importance of Content marketing’ etc. to search for jobs or other employment options online.

India today has slowly popped up as a digital giant. But this trend is particularly interesting as other countries with huge digital industrialization showed much lower percentages when it comes job-seekers’ interest in joining the content bandwagon. While Australia contributed only 32.24%, Canada contributed 30.68%. Even digital giants like USA and UK contributed only 30.27% and 31.66% respectively.

Even globally, content writer jobs took up 45.57% share among all jobs that come with the tag of digital marketing. So why do you think India is obsessed with work related to content writing and marketing? What is wrong with other digital marketing job profiles like that of a social media manager, SEO specialist, social media analyst, digital marketing consultants etc?

Digital Content Specialists:The Most Searched Career Option Among Indians Speaking on the topic, Digital Marketing Manager, SEMrush India, Rohan Ayyar says that the main reason behind the popularity with professions related to content is because of the huge demand for digital content in India. He says that post the digital revolution in India, industries have found growth in digital domains. Thus throughout all sectors and industries in the country, there is a demand for content specialists.

Ayyar points out that the SEMrush research revealed ‘content writer’ as the most searched digital marketing job profile among Indians. From 2015-2018, the monthly search rate for content jobs has gone up remarkably by 1171.52 % in India. In 2018, the average search volume for such jobs is 38,082.

As stunning as the facts might be, content marketing is definitely not a layman’s job. Besides, digital marketing is a sphere in which all tributaries are inter-linked. Therefore, even if one has great language or editing skills, one may not be a good content writer if one is not knowledgeable about other streams of digital marketing. So if you are really passionate about content writing and marketing, don’t be swayed by digital marketing job trends. The popular urban saying goes ‘Content is King’ and it is true that original, good quality content will never lose its demand in the market.