Arunachal Pradesh India Innovation Space Center college science technology educationNabam Rebia, land management, environment, and forest minister, recently inaugurated the innovation hub and space education center in the city of Itanagar, the first for the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The science and technology center is a great addition to the city in light of all the educational institutions in the state. With its modern technological facilities, it will play a vital role in the education and development of students from school, colleges and universities alike.


Arunachal Pradesh India Innovation Space Center college science technology educationThe innovation center, built with a budget of 4 crores, is situated in the Indira Gandhi Park. The center boasts of becoming the launch pad for children and science enthusiasts to learn/ bounce their ideas and seeing them through the phase of innovation. This would be a much-awaited change for the students with an innovative mindset since they now have a science lab of the sorts to learn, understand, and develop their scientific knowledge. The innovation center also has a 450 seater planetarium and is definitely a great news for the science and technology enthusiasts of the state. There would be some innovational ideas bouncing from Arunachal Pradesh in the coming months/years. The Infrastructure has been funded by the central government and the construction is jointly managed by Arunachal Pradesh state council of Science & Technology, National Council of the science museum, Ministry of culture, and government of India.


Arunachal Pradesh India Innovation Space Center college science technology educationIndia as a country is stepping into a faster pace of technology era and a major chunk of the skilled/ educated technical minds are from the smaller cities, and there is a need to nurture the young minds at the budding stage, in order to develop/ facilitate their interest and knowledge to grow into bigger achievements. The science and technology centers or similar facilities at the other states as per their requirement would be a great way of facilitating the budding talents in those respective states. This will ensure the country’s talent in the field of science and technology to be channeled in the right direction.


With India taking its step towards the next generation of technology, the science and technology center is a great way to equip the youth of the states. The inauguration of science and technology center in various states will definitely empower the students at all ages to not only satiate their hunger for the subject but also supports them to research/ innovate on various ideas and helps build the talent pool which was previously a challenge due to the lack of such facilities.


Arunachal Pradesh India Innovation Space Center college science technology educationIndia’s contribution in terms of scientific papers has been fourfold in the last ten to fifteen years, by overtaking the development in countries like Brazil however is in need of a boost to stay in the game with its competitors like China and Russia.


With DRDO and ISRO achieving in the field of science and technology, the innovation hub in various states will definitely develop and facilitate the talented youth at the state level, and thereby ensure that the states get their share of modern facilities to help the local talent to achieve. The Indian Academy of Sciences, the National academy of sciences, India and the Indian national science academy were all found in the pre-independence era and development in the science and technology sector at state levels is the need of the hour.